Peptide Synthesis and Antigen Preparation Service


Protein antigen and peptide antigen can be used for the production of antibodies. The advantages of using peptide antigen when compared with protein antigen include its short preparation cycle, low cost, and easy modification.
Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides peptide antigen synthesis services. We have decades of experience in peptide design and synthesis, by which we can accurately predict peptide antigen epitopes and synthesize them quickly. In addition, using advanced equipment for peptide synthesis and purification including American Waters, Japanese Shimadzu HPLC, and automatic peptide synthesizer, we can provide high-quality peptide antigen for antibody production. We have successfully delivered more than 20,000 peptides of different purities, lengths, and site modifications.

Service Characteristics

  • Purity: from crude to 99% purity
  • Quantity: from milligram to gram
  • Length: up to 60 amino acids
  • Modifications: modifications at the N-terminal or the C-terminal site
  • One-stop service: from antigen design and synthesis to antibody preparation
  • Price: a special discount preparing more than 10 synthetic peptide antigens at one time
  • Modifications

    As a manufacturer providing custom peptide synthesis services, we can prepare peptides with modifications and also produce site-specific antibodies.

    {Ac}, Acetylation {For}, Formylation {Fmoc}, 9-Fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl {Mpa}, 3-Mercaptopropyl {Z}, {CBZ}, Benzyloxycarbonyl
    {Mal}, Maleimide, Maleoyl-b-Ala MeOCO {PEG1900}, PEG1900-NH- Bz {Glucose-}
    {Boc}, tertbutoxycarbonyl {Fructose-} {Suc}, succinyl DOTA {MeO-Suc}
    HYNIC- Sebacic acid minPEG~PEG5000 {But}, Butyric acid C4 {Lau}, Lauric acid C12
    {Iba}, isobutyric acid C4 {Myr}, Myristic acid C14 {Hex}, Hexanoic acid C6 {Pal}, Palmitic acid C16 6-heptenoic acid C6
    {Ste}, Stearic acid C18 {Oct}, Octanoic acid C8 Oleic Acid- {Dec}, Decanoic acid C10
    {-OH}, free acid group -OEt (C-terminal) {NH2}, Amidation -OBzl (C-terminal) {-CHO}, peptide aldehydes
    -OtBu (C-terminal) {-ol}, alcohol peptide {-OSu}, hydroxysucinimide ester {Cya}, Cysteamide -NHMe (C-terminal)
    {pNA}, p-nitroaniline -NHEt (C-terminal) {AMC},7-Amino-4-methylcoumarin -NH(OMe)Me (C-terminal) -OMe (C-terminal)
    Protein coupling
    BSA-Peptide N terminus KLH-Peptide Cys BSA-Peptide C terminus OVA-Peptide N terminus BSA-Peptide Cys
    OVA-Peptide C terminus KLH-Peptide N terminus OVA-Peptide Cys Cyclic peptide
    Cyclic peptide
    Mono Disulfide bridge Same Seq. Inter-Disulfide bridge Double Disulfide bridge Different Inter-Disulfide bridg Triple Disulfide bridge
    Amide cyclic (end) Random Triple Disulfide bridge Amide cyclic (Side chain)

    Epitope Prediction

    BIC can accurately predict epitopes using linear prediction. We use different algorithms to analyze the hydrophilicity and surface accessibility of the protein sequences and then determine the antigenic determinants by comparing and analyzing the results of the different algorithms. The results are further reexamined to ensure their accuracy.

    Chemical Peptide Synthesis Process

    Chemical Peptide Synthesis Process

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  • Need more information? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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