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Bacterial Expression Service

Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides custom protein expression services. We have extensive experience in bacterial, mammalian cell, and yeast expression systems and provide highly purified active proteins in scales from large to small tailored to your needs. For more information on our bacterial expression service, please see our Guaranteed, SupernatantIN™, and Tag-free protein production packages.

Service Highlights

  • Guaranteed Package: no-success no-fee guarantee.
  • Total Customization: the quantity, purity, tags and endotoxin level are optional.
  • High Success Rate: we have delivered 2000+ recombinant proteins with a success rate of >97%.
  • Various Modifications: stable isotope labelling, protein biotinylation and green fluorescent protein labelling services are available to meet your downstream applications.
Service Process Description Price Time
Strategy design We will design optimal plan according to customer’s demands and protein’s characteristics. Free 1 day
Codon optimization We optimize the codon to maximize the expression level Free 1~2 weeks
Gene synthesis $0.30/bp
Subcloning gene into expression vector Strains selected for each project, all common expression strains are available Start from $1550.00
Expression strain construction and small scale test 2 weeks
Expression optimization & bacterial cell culture Deliverables:
3~5mg protein (soluble, >85% purity),
Cloning vector,
QC data and final report.
2~3 weeks
Multiple-step protein purification
Additional Services
Large-Scale production High Cell Density Fermentation (HCDF) up to 500L with 23-130g cell/L From $690.00 3~5 weeks
Endotoxin removal <0.01-1.0 EU/μg, including endotoxin detection (LAL assay) and endotoxin removal Triton (X-114 phase separation,etc) From $300.00 1~2 weeks
Metabolic labeling Stable isotope labeling, protein biotinylation. Please Inquire


  • The size of target protein you provide is preferably less than 100 KDa. If not, please contact us.
  • Generally, we provide the expression and purification of the protein with specific labels (HIS/GST/SUMO..)
  • We also provide proteins expression without tags or tag removing service, but it needs extra charge.
  • We guarantee the stability and solubility of proteins, but not the biological and functional properties of proteins.
  • If the protein expresses as inclusion bodies, refolding will be done to make the protein soluble. And if you don’t want the renaturation, also we can provide SupernateINTM service and acquire proteins from the supernatant

E.coli protein expression process

Guaranteed Package:

  • 4 weeks, one-stop service: from sequence to protein
  • Risk-free: No-Success No-Fee Guarantee
  • We prioritize proteins obtained from supernatant
Tag-free Package:

  • Minimum or no effects on the function of the target protein
  • Minimum or no effects on the 3D structure of the target protein
  • Identical sequences and similar structures with those of native proteins
Fermentation Package:

  • Standard fermentation: 5-50 mg protein/L (or 7–17 g wet cell): starting ONLY from $390
  • High cell density fermentation: 20–400 mg protein/L (or 20–120 g wet cell): starting ONLY from $690
High Throughput Package:

  • One-step purification using magnetic agarose beads
  • High-throughput expression in 96-/24-deep-well formats
  • Significant quantities (10–100 μg)

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