Fab Fragment Antibody Production Service

Fab fragment antibody (Fragment antigen-binding) differs from scFv. Fab has a more complex structure with molecular weight around 50 kDa. It's comprised of full light chain, VH and CH1 domain of antibody structure. Due to Fab fragment is lack of Fc portion of antibody. Therefore, the function of antigen aggregation and precipitation cannot be attained, but Fab fragment can be stably combined with antigen.

What We Offer

Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides Fab’s and Fab fragment derivative antibody production in mammalian expression system, by using CHO or HEK293 cells. We have extensive experiences in generate Fab fragment antibody with high quality and specificity.

Fab fragment AntibodyFab fragment
Fab AntibodyF(ab')
Fab productionF(ab')2

Service Contents

Service Name Deliverables Timeline Price
F(ab')/Fab fragment
antibody production
  • >1 mg, ≥90% antibody
  • Cloning vector
  • QC data and report;
7-9 weeks Please inquiry

Difference between Fab antibody and its derivatives:

Types Fab F(ab’) F(ab’)2
M.W. (kDa) 50 55 110
valency mono- mono- bi-
route renal renal hepatic

Fab Production Process

Gene synthesis


DNA max-prep
  • DNA max-prep
  • Transfection


Antibody expression
  • Small scale expression
  • Pilot-scale expression
  • Antibody purification
  • QA/QC

Applications of Fab Antibody IN FDA

Trade name Format Target antigen Mechanism Inidication
Arcitumomab CEA-Scan Monoclonal
mouse Fab’
Carcinoembryonic antigen Tumor imaging Colon cancer
Crotaliad Polyvalent Immune Fab CroFab Polyclonal ovine Fab Snake venom Toxin neutralization Rattlesnake bite
Digoxin Immune Fab DigiFab Polyclonal ovine Fab Digoxin Toxin neutralization Digoxin overdose
Ranibizumab Lucentis Monoclonal humanized Fab VEGF-A Inhibit angiogenesis Age-related macular degeneration
Certolizumab pegol Cimzia Monoclonal humanized Fab’ TNF-α Inhibit inflammation Crohns disease;
Rheumatoid arthritis;


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  2. Rader, C. (2009). Overview on concepts and applications of Fab antibody fragments. Current Protocols in Protein Science, 6 (6.9), 1-14.
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