Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Polyclonal antibody (pAb) is obtained from different B-lymphocytes after reaction with corresponding antigens. Biologics Internation Corp (BIC) offers one-stop antibody production services and provides high quality pAb for qualitative immune-detection assays.

Key Features


  • No pAb delivery no payment.
  • Guaranteed ELISA titer (>1:128,000)
  • Positive WB results

Cutting edge technical strategies

  • In-house antigen design tools: high success rate
  • Soluble protein production and optimization: maximal native epitopes
  • Antigen affinity purification: improved antibody specificity

Comprehensive service packages

  • Start from gene synthesis to polyclonal antibody production
  • Multiple additional services to provide maximal flexibility in custom polyclonal antibody production services

Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Details

Cat. No. PA1015 PA2005
Content Full-EpitopeTM polyclonal antibody production service Multi-pepTM polyclonal antibody production service
Antigen Soluble protein 8-10 mg, >90% purity Three conjugated peptide 1mg each, 85% purity
Key deliverables
  • 2-5 mg antibody purified by antigen affinity purification
  • 100 μg soluble antigen
  • Three antibody (2-5 mg each) purified by antigen affinity purification
  • Three peptide (1 mg each)
ELISA titer Guaranteed, >1:128,000 Guaranteed, >1:64,000
Western blot Guaranteed positive results NA
Animal Two New Zealand rabbits (Please inquire for other animal species.)
Price Inquire

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Process

Step 1: Antigen preparation

  • Recombinant protein production: codon optimization and soluble protein expression available for antigen production.
  • Peptide synthesis: Antigen design and conjugate to an immunogenic carrier protein for immunization.

Step 2: Immunization

  • Immunization and bleeding of two rabbits

Step 3: Custom antibody purification

  • Antigen affinity purification: obtain polyclonal antibody with high titer and specificity.

Selection Guide of Animal Species

Rabbit antibodies are considered as the first choice in most polyclonal antibody productions. Chicken are good substitute for rabbits when using mammalian antigens especially those that are highly conserved. If you are looking for large volume polyclonal antibody production, large animal such as goat or sheep can be used as host species to obtain enough polyclonal antibodies to meet your requirements.

  • The most commonly used animal in pAb production
  • Respond to broad antigens
  • Moderate cost
  • Large volume antibody production
  • Good yield
  • High cost
  • Low cost
  • Small amount antibody production
  • Mostly used for mAb production
  • High specificity against antigen
  • Good yield
  • Moderate cost
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