Stable Expression System Introduction

Stable Expression System Introduction Mammalian expression system into a cell can be transient or stable. stable expression system can refer to a cell line that is simply stable, in that it will remain unchanged over a long time. Not a common usage of the term. A cell line by definition is pretty stable, at least most are. […]

Overview of Mammalian Expression System

Overview of Mammalian Expression System Mammalian expression system are generally capable of producing larger amounts of properly folded secreted proteins with usually correct glycosylation pattern for mammalian or other eukaryotic proteins. In case of cytoplasmic proteins or multi-protein complexes, mammlian expression system show usually lower expression levels than insect cells which are also capable of […]

Bacterial Fermentation Definition

Bacterial Fermentation Definition Most energy-conserving reactions in living organisms are redox reactions. One substrate is oxidized with the concomitant reduction of another substrate. In chemoorganotrophic aerobes, the substrate reduced is usually oxygen. In respiring anaerobes, the electron acceptor can be either organic or inorganic. Typical examples are the sulfate-reducing or methanogenic organisms (carbon dioxide). In respiring […]