Custom Antibody Production Service

Biologics International Corp (BIC) offers one-stop custom antibody production services to generate high-quality antibody from antigen gene synthesis. Base on extensive experience and multiple cutting edge technologies, we guarantee delivery of custom antibodies with ELISA titer of 1:128,000 or above and positive protein immunoblot results.
Custom antibody production services

Selection Guides

  • Recombinant IgG
  • Antibody fragment
  • Chimeric antibody
  • Antibody engineering
  • 95% success rate
  • ELISA titer>1:128,000
  • At least two positive clones

  • Risk free
  • ELISA titer>1:128,000
  • Guaranteed positive WB results

  • High-specificity
  • Competitive price
  • Native pair provided

Applications of Custom Antibody


Polyclonal Antibody VS Monoclonal Antibody

Comparison Polyclonal antibody production Monoclonal antibody production
Recognization Multiple epitopes Single epitope
Reproduction consistency Variable Consistent
pecificity Improved specificity after antigen affinity purification High
Application Broad Narrow
Cost Low High
Turnaround time Short Long
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Your Concerns

  • What kind of antibody purification method should I perform?

Protein A and protein G are bacterial proteins with well-characterized antibody-binding properties. They are covalently immobilized onto porous resins and bind to most species and subclasses of IgG.

In order to remove non-specific staining and increase signal strength in WB analysis, affinity purification against the antigen is considered as a priority of polyclonal antibody production. The particular antigen used for immunization is immobilized to specifically bind to target antibody in the process of purification.

  • Which antigen should I use?

Recombinant protein and polypeptides with MW larger than 9 kDa are generally considered as priorities when the goal is to produce multiple custom antibodies and detect multiple epitopes on the target antigen. The purified antibodies possess broad available affinity and utility for downstream applications. Compared with peptide antigen, it is more likely to generate certain custom antibodies that bind to epitopes on antigen surfaces if start from recombinant protein with proper folding and structures.

Based on knowledge of target protein and previous researches, peptides with specific epitopes are conjugated with immunogenic carrier proteins (KLH, BSA, etc.) to produce custom antibodies against point mutations and post-translational modifications (phospho-specific antibody production).

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