De Novo Antibody Sequencing Service

Biologics International Corp. (BIC) provides you with fast, professional de novo antibody sequencing services (amino acid sequencing for antibodies). ObitrapWith the advanced Obitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer and decades of experience in antibody sequencing, we have established a new antibody sequencing platform. On having a certain amount of antibody samples (dry powders or solution) to be tested, we can conduct a rapid and accurate analysis of the primary structure of antibodies.

Service Content

Service Name Customer Provides Deliverables Timeline
Antibody sequencing service 0.05 - 0.1 mg antibody sample
  • Sequencing report
  • Mass spectrum
  • Experimental workflow
  • 3-4 weeks

    Applications of Antibody Sequencing

    • Anti-drug research: accurate primary structure information of the original drug itself is the basis for developing antibody generic drugs. You can directly undertake sequence analysis for the commercially available antibody products to carry out antibody drug research and development.
    • Antibody engineering: obtain antibody sequence to conduct the recombinant expression (which can express a variety of types of recombinant antibodies: IgG, scFv, Fab, sdAb, among others) as well as to achieve the humanization of antibodies.
    • Patent application: sequence the important antibodies in research to distinguish them from other antibodies and apply for a patent.

    Key Features

    • 100% coverage: we use 5–8 types of proteases for digestion to achieve 100% fragment assembly of light and heavy chains, taking advantage of the complementarity digested different peptides. Each CDR sequence is covered at least 10 times. Such high coverage ensures the accuracy of antibody sequencing.
    • de novo antibody sequencing

    • High precision and accuracy: we use the most advanced Obitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer that can analyze the amino acids with a 0.03 Da difference in the molecular weight. Simultaneously, the mass spectrometer has a higher mass spectral scanning speed, thereby ensuring data accuracy.
    • de novo sequencing

    • Sequencing species diversity: we can provide full-length antibody, heavy- and light-chain antibody sequencing of different species, isotypes, and allotypes. Our antibody-sequencing platform can not only complete sequencing of small group-labeled antibodies (such as FITC, Biotin, Alexa) efficiently but can also sequence large protein-labeled antibodies.
    • Rigorous sequence prediction and verification: we will first perform sequence prediction based on the mass spectrum (label CDR region) and establish a database to verify the collected mass spectrometry data in a backward manner. Only the result of the exact match will be provided to you.
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