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As a biological CRO company, Biologics International Corp (BIC) has long devoted itself to the R&D of technologies related to recombinant protein and antibody. We keep assisting our clients from scientific research institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises in designing and developing their project schemes about discovery and verification of unknown targets, small-scaled and massive preparation of known protein/antibody, high-affinity antibody screening and process optimization. Continuous efforts have been made by us to improve the technical capacity and infrastructure construction in such fields as recombinant protein, traditional antibody, and recombinant antibody. Based on the increasingly improved technical capacity, we can provide and will launch more zero-risk services for the benefit of you in both capital and time cost.


Our business focuses on recombinant protein/antibody and the project appraisal and process development of such medicines in the research stage. We are oriented to reduce the customers’ time cost and obtain reasonable return through relatively high success rate.


Through scientific and elaborate experimental scheme, definite project progress schedule, and professional project communication, we are committed to provide the customer experience of which we are quite proud of so as to seek long-term partnership with you.


By now we have successfully delivered 2,000+ proteins (until July 1st, 2017), including cytokines, enzymes, pathway proteins, virus antigens, and antimicrobial peptides. Those delivered products have been applied to the studies about cancer, enzymatic determination, epidemics, agricultural pests and diseases prevention and treatment, food additives, crystallization, and vaccines. The protein you use now may be one of them.

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