Antibody Sequencing

Sequencing a high-value antibody is crucial to attaining your intellectual property rights, particularly in the field of therapeutic research and development. An antibody with 100% accurate sequence avoids issues, such as contamination, genetic drift, gene loss or mutations, and hybridomas storage accidents, and offers a template for various downstream application platforms including isotype/format switching, humanization, affinity maturation, and other antibody engineering options.

Why our antibody sequencing service is reliable and accurate?

With years of research experiences in antibody development, Biologics International Corp (BIC) deeply understands that a reliable and accurate antibody sequencing analysis result is vital for your succeeding applications. Our meticulous and professional comprehensive antibody sequencing service, comprising hybridoma sequencing service and de novo antibody sequencing service, will help accelerate your research and attain your objectives.

De Novo Antibody Sequencing

When the hybridoma cell lines are unavailable, our distinctive de novo antibody sequencing service can sequence your monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with 100% coverage of the desired regions as well as excellent accuracy. In a 3 weeks timeline, each amino acid from your mAb can be mapped to more than 20 unique peptides and 100% sequence coverage, especially amino acids in CDRs which are confidently supported by pairs of intense fragment ions in at least ten scans. After performing sequence prediction based on the mass spectrum (label CDR region), we will establish a database to validate the collected mass spectrometry data. Only the result of the exact match will be provided to you.

Consult our de novo antibody sequencing page for more details.

Hybridoma Sequencing

After reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE), more than five antibody independent clones will be sequenced to evade pseudogenes interference, resulting in 100% accurate hybridoma sequencing analysis.

Most importantly, we are aware that your projects may have a tight deadline, and the hybridoma sequencing project, which covers mice, rats, rabbits, goats, chickens, and other species, can be completed in just 3 weeks. Once the VL and VH sequences are delivered, humanization or other antibody engineering techniques can be proceeded if they are a part of therapeutic antibody projects.

For more information on this service, please refer to our hybridoma sequencing page.

Antibody Sequencing Service at BIC

Service Highlights

As one of the renowned recombinant antibody experts, the experienced teams of BIC have established a reliable hybridoma sequencing platform and a high-accurate de novo antibody sequencing platform to provide top-quality antibody sequence services.

  • 100% success rate
  • Quick turnaround: All antibody sequencing services can becompleted in 3 weeks
  • Your sequence your property: No sequence information will be disclosed to any third party, except to you
  • Professional: No matter what your applications are, our arduous scientific research attitude and professional technology is the key that you can count on

Do you have any antibodies need to be sequenced? Get in touch! We welcome discussing the projects directly with you.

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