Tag Antibodies

tag antibodies

Protein tags can be used in many different assays that require recognition by an antibody. Tag antibodies can recognize and bind with high affinity and specificity to those special protein tags. BiologicsCorp(BIC) manufactures many sorts of tag antibodies, such as FLAG-tag antibody and HA-tag antibody.

Protein tags are peptide sequences that are genetically combined to a recombinant protein. And these tags can be easily removed by chemical agents or enzymatic means. Here are some purposes and usages of these tags.

Affinity tags can help particular proteins be purified from their crude biological source. Because they can be attached to these proteins so it is easy to purify proteins by affinity techniques.

Solubilization tags can be used for recombinant proteins expression, particularly in special species like E.coli. Furthermore, aiding within the correct folding in proteins and preventing them from precipitating. Additionally, lots of affinity tags carry a dual role which can be used as a solubilization agent.

Fluorescence tags can be applied to offer visual readout on a protein.

Chromatography tags are applied to transform chromatographic properties of the protein to offer diverse resolutions across a selected separation method. Generally, these are composed of polyanionic amino acids and FLAG-tag is a very important tag of them .

Epitope tags play important roles in producing high-affinity antibodies and these antibodies can be reliably produced in many different species. These tags can be applied to western blotting, immunohitochemistry, immunofluorescence, etc.

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