Technology Platforms

Protein expression
Recombinant Antibody
One-stop service from gene to antibody, high expression vector, codon optimization, high specificity
Protein Purification
Bacterial Expression System
Soluble protein expression, supernatant optimization, endotoxin removal, inclusion body refolding
Antibody Production
Transient Transfection
Rapid protein production, multiple transfection methods, high transfection efficiency, mRNA structure optimization
Molecular biology platform
Stable Cell Line Development
Dozens of cell types transfection experience, screening out positive cell pool or single cell clones
Recombinant Antibody Production
We provide various types of recombinant antibody production services. We produce full length antibodies and fragment antibodies, e.g. scFv, Fab, you only need to provide sequences. Our antibody can be applied to affinity determination, activity assay and interaction studies.
Mammalian Expression System
We provide prokaryotic expression services, including expression of soluble proteins and tag-free proteins, large-scale fermentation. We guarantee delivery of a soluble proteins. If the protein is not soluble, you will not be charged. The shortest time to delivery is only 5 weeks.
Recombinant Antibody Production
We provide protein transient transfection expression in mammalian cell. We are equipped with a 100-grade clean cell room. Through engineering regulatory elements in HEK293 and CHO cells, proteins with a variety of complex modifications can be expressed, allowing rapid production of highly active proteins in small quantities.
Biomolecular Interaction Analysis
We provide molecular interactions analysis services, including protein-small molecule, protein-protein, and antigen-antibody interactions. We can carry out in vivo or in vitro interaction analysis, which allows us to examine intermolecular interactions both qualitatively and quantitatively (by determining affinity constants, Kd, Ka, and KD).
Antibody Production
We provide stable cell line construction services, including insertion or knockout of the gene of interest, as well as screening out positive cell pools or single cell clones . The shortest time to delivery is only 3 months.
Bioinformation Tools
We provide antigen and antibody production services. Our antibody production services include monoclonal (ELISA>1:128000) production and polyclonal antibodies (ELISA>1:64000). The final deliverable is 2-5 mg antibody.
bic introduction
Biologics International Corp (abbr. BIC) is a biotech company with flexible strategies in custom recombinant protein and antibody production. The BIC team has decades of experience in both academic and industrial protein production projects. We provide custom protein services to obtain recombinant proteins using the optimal expression system, including bacterial expression system, mammalian cell expression system, and yeast expression system. With proprietary design methodology and optimized production protocols, we supply functional active protein available in a timely and economical manner. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us for more information.
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