Protein and Antibody Production Solution

protein production serviceBiologicsCorp (BIC) is a biotech CRO specialized in production of recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and development. With a group of highly experienced and dedicated scientists and various production platforms, our VISION is to save time and resources for our clients by producing desired proteins/antibodies in the most cost-effective manner. BIC custom protein services produce recombinant proteins originated from bacteria, archaea, or eukaryote, using bacterial expression system, mammalian cell expression system, yeast expression system, and etc. BIC may deliver proteins in the forms ranging from crude to highly purified, in quantities ranging from milligram to sub-kilogram, or by special demands of clients. In most cases, BIC provides GUARANTEED services – no protein delivery, no billing. Our one-stop, from gene to protein/antibody service simplifies both the initial and end points. The process may include gene optimization and synthesis, protein expression and purification, protein refolding, protein identification, endotoxin control and removal, fermentation, and etc. Other services available include custom peptide synthesis, polyclonal antibody production, monoclonal antibody production, phospho-specific antibody production, recombinant antibody production, and etc.

BIC is determined to provide the best custom service in the industry. Our SIGNATURE is technical support to each client by a single contact, who is one of our PhD managers. To provide the smoothest service to a client, each contact manager oversees all communications related to a given service project from initial inquiry to post-delivery, e.g., technical support, administration, logistics, and etc. Therefore, BIC hopes to become your reliable partner and loyal service provider for your R&D needs.


The most recent publication using BiologicsCorp products: McClellan et al (2015) Thrombomodulin Protects Against Bacterial Keratitis, Is Anti-Inflammatory, but Not Angiogenic. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 56: 8091-8100.