Chimeric Antibody Expression Service

Biologics International Corp (abbr. BIC) provides chimeric antibody expression services. The highly expressed system, which is self-developed, is loaded with CHO/HEK293 cells and cultured in the serum-free medium without any animal contaminations. You only need to provide antibody sequences. According to your requirements, we can provide different amount of chimeric antibodies with > 90% purity.

Key Features

  • High expression vector, expression up to 1g/L
  • Express chimeric antibody from various species, including human, mouse/rat, canine, rabbit, goat/sheep, success rate>90%
  • Provide one-stop services for gene sequencing, antigen preparation, chimeric antibody expression and purification, endotoxin control and large-scale production

What We Offer

Our chimeric antibody expression services include full-length antibody expression, chimeric antibody expression and antibodies at milligram levels is final delivered.
chimeric antibody

Full-length Antibody
Chimeric Antibody

Client Provides:

  • Full-length antibody sequence
  • Human, mouse/rat, rabbit, canine, goat/sheep and other variable region gene sequences

We Provide:

  • Human, mouse, canine, monkey, rabbit and other constant gene sequences

Service Description

Service Contents Procedures Deliverables Timeline
Chimeric Antibody
Gene synthesis Condon optimization
  • 4ug gene in
    cloning vector
  • >90% purity
  • quantity as your requirements
  • QC report
~3 weeks
Gene synthesis
Vector construction
Misc. Sub-cloning
and DNA max-prep
Antibdy expression Pilot expression test 2-3 weeks
Protein A/G purification 1-2 week
&Western Blot
~1 week

* According to your requirements, we can provide different amount of chimeric antibodies (>1mg).

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