Recombinant Antibody Production

Biologicscorp provides recombinant antibody production services in mammalian cells. BIC has extensive expertise and research experience in the field of recombinant antibody production.We have established a solid platform to offer a range of recombinant antibody expression, including IgG, IgE, Nanobody(VHH), scFv, di-scFv, Fab, F(ab’), chimeric antibody, Fc fusion protein and more.

Expression System

We possess CHO and HEK293 cells for recombinant antibody production in mammalian system.

Key Features

  • Flexible scale options: from milligram to gram level antibody production
  • High success rate: codon optimization and high expression vector, success rate >95%
  • Competitive price: start from $2,500

What We Offer

BIC’s recombinant antibody production services include antibody engineering and full-length antibody expression. All we need is your target antibody sequences.

Antibody Fragment Introduction
  • scFv consists of the VH and VL domains linked by a flexible peptide
  • Di-scFv is produced by connecting two scFv molecules through a short linker
  • It retains full activity and stability of the full lg molecule with higher sensitivity
  • Nanobody is the single variable domain of the antibodies heavy-chain
  • It has high affinity and specificity, while immunogenicity is very low
  • It is the smallest antigen-binding region naturally found
  • It is composed of the Fc domain of IgG linked to protein of you interest
  • It can stably combine with the antigen
Full-length Antibody Introduction
  • IgG antibody has four isotypes
  • You need to choose the light chain – κ & λ
  • We provide production of recombinant IgG, IgE and IgD
  • Chimeric antibody fuses variable domains from your antibody
  • It can combine with any constant domain from a different species
  • It retains original affinity and specificity of the parent
Fc fusion protein
Fc fusion protein
  • It is composed of the Fc domain of Ig linked to protein of you interest
  • Fusion an active protein with Fc can extend in vivo half-life with better protein stability

Two options for recombinant antibody expression:

rAb production

Recombinant Antibody production Service Description

Customer provide Recombinant antibody production service Deliverables Timeline

Recombinant antibody sequences
Gene synthesis Codon optimization
  • 4ug gene in cloning vector
  • >90% purity antibody
  • Quantity as customer requirements
  • QC report
7-9 weeks
Vector construction
Misc. Sub-cloning &
DNA max-prep
Antibody production Recombinant antibody expression
Antibody purification Protein A/G purification
QC SDS-PAGE & Western blot

Order Process

Self-developed high-level expression system

Codon optimization was run to remove potential negatively acting sequences and to modify codon usage in recombinant antibody production. High-yield expression achieved is attributable to sequence optimization, which leads to improved efficiency of mRNA translation.

  • Strong promoter

To meet increasing demand on high quality recombinant antibody, we developed a novel vector with optimized promoter activity, which contributed to higher expression level compared with traditional CMV based vector.

  • Dual-expression vector

Our increasing expression level of secreted recombinant antibody production is based on the self-developed mammalian dual expression vector. It comprises two different genes encoding two polypeptide chains (e.g. the heavy and light chains of target recombinant antibody). The method solves the problem of the plasmid with imbalanced heavy and light separately and leads to a considerable enhanced expression level. Host cell line that best fits the system is also available to improve recombinant antibody yield.

Key features of recombinant antibody production

  • High-specificity: bind to corresponding antigen specifically with high-affinity
  • Non-animal technology: alleviate animal welfare concerns
  • Fast speed: significantly shorter than conventional immune antibody production
  • Easy-to-manipulate: capable of guiding recombinant antibody production process
  • Isotype conversion: can be easily converted into any antibody isotype (e.g. IgA, and IgG etc.) from any species by adding the appropriate constant domain
  • Broad target antibody: antibodies to highly toxic or non-immunogenic antigens can be created
  • Amenable to high-throughput production: attractive to the field of proteomics

Real-time QC: antigen-antibody reaction analysis

The Octet® system (Octet® RED96) based on Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) was developed as a promising biosensor platform to detect binding specificity of interacting molecules, including recombinant antibody and corresponding antigens. Processed curves, KD value and other reaction rate constants will be provided after real-time, label-free measurements.
Real-time QC: antigen-antibody reaction analysis

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