Recombinant protein expression services

Cell-based recombinant protein expression and purification systems are the oldest and most widely used protein expression systems in the biotechnology industry with bacteria, mammalian, insect, and yeast cells featuring among the most commonly used host systems.

BIC (BiologicsCorp) provides high-quality cost-effective recombinant protein expression services in a timely manner. Our comprehensive gene-to-protein/antibody platform combines over ten years of expertise in gene synthesis, protein expression, process optimization, antibody production, and flexible solutions to provide researchers around the globe with high activity proteins tailored to their specific needs. We also offer tag-free protein production, endotoxin removal, and high-throughput protein production services.

Protein Expression Services

E.coli protein expression services
Guaranteed quantity and purity: Get your desired quantity and purity or your money back.
Flexible solutions: Multiple approaches for assured success.
Guaranteed soluble proteins: You only get billed if solubility is achieved.
Maximum activity: Protein in supernatant is our priority.
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mammalian protein expression services
High expression levels: Over five times higher than regular mammalian systems thanks to our in-house expression vectors and codon optimization algorithm.
Complete service packages: Transient transfection and stable cell line establishment services.
Competitive prices: 30% below industry average.
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Yeast protein expression service
  • Codon optimization, gene synthesis, and subcloning of your gene into yeast expression vectors.
  • Transformation of Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Kluyveromyces lactis.
  • Screening and strain creation.
  • Expression evaluation and optimization.
  • Pilot-scale protein expression and purification.
  • Large-scale protein expression and purification (culture volume up to 500L).
  • Process Development.

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insect protein expression service
  • Generation of high titer P1 Baculovirus stock. Turnaround time: 7 days
  • Scale up to high titer P2 Baculovirus stock (1-2L). Turnaround time: 7 days
  • Variables examined: Cell lines (Sf9, Sf21, Hi5 & Mimic sf9), multiplicity of infection (MOI), time of infection (TOI), initial cell density (ICD)
  • Small scale expression optimization studies. Turnaround time: 3-5 days
  • 7-10 days for culture up to 100L
  • 14-18 days for cell culture between 100L and 300L

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fermentation protein expression service
  • One-stop services: Small to large scale protein production and purification.
  • Multiple services: Standard fermentation, high cell density fermentation, and process optimization services.
  • Guaranteed yield & purity: Optimal solutions for high level production of recombinant proteins.
  • Deliverables: 23~130 g/L of wet cell weight or 20-400 mg/L of customer specified protein, fermentation data, QC datasheet.

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Antibody protein production & Other services

Polyclonal antibody production
Monoclonal antibody production
phosphorylated antibody production
custom peptide synthesis
Protein interaction analysis

Selection guide of recombinant protein expression systems

Characteristics E. coli Yeast Insect cells Mammalian cells
Turnaround Time 4~6 weeks 6~7 weeks 7~8 weeks 7~9 weeks
Price Low Low High High
Expression level High Low – high Low – high Low – moderate
Secretion to periplasm Secretion to medium Secretion to medium Secretion to medium
Protein folding Partial folding Proper folding Proper folding Proper folding
Poor Moderate Moderate Comprehensive
  • Rapid expression
  • Low cost
  • Scaleable
  • Well-characterized genetics
  • Moderately rapid expression
  • Efficient protein folding
  • Relatively low cost
  • Scaleable
  • Good expression levels for intracellular proteins
  • Relatively rapid growth
  • Efficient protein folding
  • Efficient protein folding
  • Comprehensive post-translational modifications
  • Poor folding
  • Inclusion body formation
  • Minimal post-translational modifications
  • Different glycosylation
  • Tendancy to form hyperglycosylated proteins
  • N-glycan structures considered allergenic
  • Expensive culture media
  • Large volumes of virus needed on scale-up
  • Different Glycosylation and N-linked glycan structures
  • Expensive culture media
  • Difficult to scale-up

Recombinant Protein Service Technology Platforms

custom protein expression with codon optimization

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Codon and mRNA structure optimization

Our in-house bioinformatics tool translates the same amino acid to multiple triplet codons, This enhances recombinant protein expression by plotting and adjusting the codon usage frequency and by opening up stem-loops in the process of transcription and translation.More about codon and mRNA structure optimization

protein purification, protein purification service

Multiple purification methods

We provide nickel affinity purification by default. Ion exchange purification, size-exclusion chromatography, and hydrophobic chromatography are also available. You can also provide customized protocols to optimize your project. More about protein purification

protein refolding

Multi-channel protein refolding

We possess state-of-the-art protein refolding technologies for recombinant protein production such as dialysis, dilution, and on-column refolding. By using multi-well plates to explore refolding conditions, our team can determine the optimal solution for stable and uniformly refolded proteins with good solubility. More about protein refolding

Protein identification

Protein identification and characterization

A multitude of techniques such as MALDI-TOF MS, HPLC and N-terminal sequencing are used for protein identification and characterization. We are committed to manufacture and develop high-quality protein products by combining rigorous process development with the most advanced protein identification techniques. More about protein identification and characterizartion

Your concerns

  • What type of recombinant protein expression system should I choose?

If you need help with system selection, our technical support will be happy to work with you to determine the best solutionfor your project. In brief, bacterial protein expression systems are the most rapid and cost-effective method for obtaining high-level expression. Proteins produced in mammalian cells have the advantage of going through complete post-translational modifications. However,mammalian cell systems are costly and present major difficulties in scaling up production.

  • Is there any limit on the products in your protein production services?

We have delivered purified proteins to world wide customers with a success rate of over 95%. Our large collection of in-house technologies and flexible solutions enables us to complete very challenging projects. Nonetheless, it is best to keep the target proteins between 10kDa to 150kDa. Also, signal peptides and multiple transmembrane domains should be removed for improved expression yield.

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