About Us

BiologicsCorp is a biotech company with flexible strategies in custom recombinant protein and antibody production. We enable world-wide scientists to obtain high quality functional biological products.
custom protein company

Selection guide of our services:

protein production company

Custom protein expression and purification

We provide custom protein services to obtain recombinant proteins using the optimal expression system, including bacterial expression system, mammalian cell expression system, and yeast expression system, etc.

antibody protein company

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies production

We offer one-stop custom antibody production services to generate high quality antibody from antigen gene synthesis.

recombinant proteins company

Recombinant cytokines and chemokines

BiologicsCorp(BIC) mainly manufactures recombinant cytokines, including interleukins(IL), interferons (IFN), bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), etc. They play important roles in immune system and other signaling pathways.

growth factors

Recombinant growth factors and other proteins

BiologicsCorp(BIC) mainly manufactures EGF, GM-CSF and Leptin.Our products are only for laboratory research use, not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

BIC team has decades of experience in both academic and industrial protein production projects.Our recombinant protein production services in E. coli system have reached over 95% success rate and delivered thousands of final products. With proprietary design methodology and optimized production protocols, we supply highest quality biologically active protein available in a timely and economical fashion. Complete customer services are also provided by professionals to ensure all the details are tailored to your needs from design to delivery.If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us for more information. Your projects and contact information are always kept in highly confidential.

Service Process:

  1. Get quotation forms for your research projects.
  2. Provide your expectationsand requirements.
  3. Attach your inquiry to an E-mail and sent to Sales@Biologicscorp.com
  4. Our specialists will get in touch with you soon and confirm details of your research projects.
  5. To place orders, please provide credit card/PO information.
  6. Your projects will be put into our work flow immediately. Our project manager will stay in touch with you to provide timely updates and answer your questions.