Monoclonal antibody production service

Monoclonal antibodies derived from a single cloned B cell are highly specific for one epitope and have potential applications in diagnostic microbiology and cancer therapy. BiologicsCorp offers one-stop custom antibody production services and provides monoclonal antibody with high homogeneity, efficiency and infinity.



  • No mAb delivery no payment.
  • Guaranteed ELISA titer (>1:128,000)
  • Positive WB results
  • Two positive clones

Custom monoclonal antibody production

Cutting edge technical strategies

  • In-house antigen design tools: high success rate
  • Soluble antigen production and optimization: maximal native epitopes

Comprehensive service packages

  • Start from gene to monoclonal antibody production
  • Multiple additional services to provide maximal flexibility in custom monoclonal antibody production services

Monoclonal antibody production service details

Cat. No. PA1015
Content Full-EpitopeTM monoclonal antibody production service
Antigen Soluble protein 3-5 mg, >90% purity
Key deliverables
  • 2-5 positive cell lines
  • 2-5 mg purified antibody
  • 100ug soluble antigen
ELISA titer Guaranteed, >1:128,000
Western blot Guaranteed positive results
Animal Five BALB/c mice
Price Please inquire

Custom monoclonal antibody production process

Custom monoclonal antibody production process

Step 1: Antigen preparation

Step 2: Immunization and bleeding

  • After multiple rounds of immunization, ELISA is employed to test monoclonal antibody production.

Step3: Cell fusion

  • B cells fuse with myeloma cells to form hybridoma cells.

Step 4: Subcloing

  • Positive cells are put in culture to produce monoclonal cell lines.

Step 5: antibody purification

  • The hybridoma cells producing target monoclonal antibody are isolated and purified.

Additional services (Please inquire)

Large-scale custom antibody production

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