Bacterial Protein Expression Service($1,550+)

BiologicsCorp (BIC) provides custom protein expression service in bacterial, mammalian cell and yeast expression systems. Our extensive experience and flexible strategies enable us to provide high quality proteins in scales and purity levels tailored to your needs. For more information on bacterial expression service,please refer to our Guaranteed, SupernatantIN™, and Tag-free protein production packages.

Service Package

Guaranteed bacterial Service

  • 4 weeks, $1,550 for 3mg Soluble Protein.
  • Risk-Free: Get your desired quantity and purity or your money back.
  • We prioritize purified protein from supernatant.

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Service Package

supernateIN bacterial expression service

  • 9 host bacteria
  • 6 molecular chaperones
  • 9 soluble tags
  • dozens of vectors
  • Flexible temperatures andinduction strategies.
  • We deliver supernatant protein.

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Service Package

Tag Free service

  • No interference with target protein function or interactions.
  • Close to native protein crystal structure.
  • Identical sequences and similar structures with native proteins.

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Bacterial Fermentation Service

Standard fermentation:5-50mg/L protein, 7-17g/L wet cell, start from $390
High cell density fermentation: 20-400mg/L protein, 20-120g/L wet cell, start from $690

Endotoxin Removal Service

Endotoxin Level Options <1.0 EU/µg (Guaranteed), start from $300, 1~2 weeks.

High-throughput Protein Expression Service

Our high-throughput capacity enables us to provide large scale protein with high quality in short turnaround times.

  • One-step protein purification by Magnetic Agarose Beads
  • 96 /24-deep-well block formats Expression
  • 10-100 μg purified recombinant proteins

Bacterial Protein Expression Technology Platforms

BiologicsCorp offers highly sophisticated bacterial protein expression technologies to provide products tailored to your needs.

codon optimization

Codon and mRNA structure optimization

Our in-house bioinformatics tool translates the same amino acid to multiple triplet codons, which contribute to protein expression by plotting and adjusting the codon usage frequency and opening stem-loops in the process of transcription and translation.
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Vector construction

Our professional teams can help you construct a customized vector tailored to your research requirement (often affected by upstream sequences and downstream applications).

protein purification platform

Multiple purification methods

Nickel affinity purification isour preferredsolution. Ion exchange purification, size-exclusion chromatography, and hydrophobic chromatography are also available in our protein purification service. We can also provide favorable protocols to optimize your project process.More details

protein refolding platform

Multi-channel protein refolding

We possess state-of-the-art protein refolding technologies, includingtraditional dialysis and dilution methods, as well as on-column refolding generally used in large-scale protein production.Using multi-well platestoexplore refolding conditions, our teams can find the most effectiveconditionsforobtaining stably and uniformly refolded proteins with good solubility.More details

protein identification platform


We provide MALDI-TOF MS, one of the most useful attributes in protein identification, to accurately determine the molecular weight of your protein of interest.

protein sequencing platform

Protein N-terminal sequencing

Our highly sensitive N-terminal sequencing technology enables us to quickly determine cleavage sites and confirm the identity of purified protein samples.

protein Aliquot and lyophilisation platform

Aliquot and lyophilisation

To increase the stability of expressed recombinant proteins and reduce shipping cost, we provide aliquoting and lyophilisation service for long-term storage of your products.

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bacterial protein expression service process

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