Mammalian Protein Expression Service

Mammalian protein expression system benefits from the most comprehensive posttranslational modifications for expressed proteins with closer properties to native proteins in molecular structures and biological activities.
BiologicsCorp offers mammalian cell protein expression services, including bioinformatics analysis and synthesis for target gene, transient transfection, stable cell line establishment, protein purification, and subsequent productions, etc. Our in-house facilities enable us to conduct dozens of mammalian protein expression projects in parallel using serum free suspension cell culture.

Mammalian Protein Expression Service Process

Mammalian Cell Expression System Protein Production Service Process

Service Highlights

high expression system: self-development codon optimization and mammalian cell expression vector contribute to at least five times higher expression level than regular mammalian expression system

Complete services package: comprehensive transient transfection and stable cell line establishment services

Competitive price: 30% below industry average

Mammalian Protein Expression Service Packages

Mammalian protein Expression Service - Transient transfection

Transient Transfection

With your gene of interest, we offer transient transfection services to produce mammalian cell proteins in flexible and economical manners.

Mammalian Protein Expression Service - Stable Cell Line Establishment

Stable Cell Line Establishment

Our stable transfection services provide scalability and reproducible production of recombinant protein from mammalian cells.Please inquire

Mammalian Protein Expression Service - recombinant antibody service

Recombinant Antibody Production

We offer satisfaction guaranteed services to produce high-affinity recombinant antibody specifically bind to antigen using mammalian cell lines.

Order process

Order process

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