Mammalian Cell Protein Expression Service

Biologics International Corp (abbr. BIC) provides complete mammalian protein production services, including codon optimization, gene synthesis, DNA max-prep, and protein expression and purification. According to clients’ requirements, they can choose either transient transfection or stable cell line development for protein and antibody. Transiently transfected cells can express the protein easily and rapidly, while stable cell lines attain high yield and reproducible production of the protein. Our dedicated staff are looking forward to assisting you with any questions at any time.

Key Features

  • Flexible scale options: small-scale or reproducible high-yield protein production
  • Comprehensive services: recombinant protein and antibody production
  • Codon optimization: Codon optimization with high expression vector

Mammalian Protein Expression Service Packages

mammalian transient transfection

Transient Transfection

Recombinant protein or antibody can be obtained by transient transfection within a short time, which is especially suitable for research use. BIC utilizes optimized gene sequences, high-level expression vector with extensive experiences to carried out transient transfection. The protein yield reaches up to milligram level with cell culture density up to 2×106cell/ml.

mammalian antibody

Recombinant Antibody Production

BIC offers a wide range of recombinant antibody production, including full-length antibodies and antibody fragments of single chain variable fragment (scFv), di-scFv, Fab, F(ab’)2, sdAb, Fc fusion protein, chimeric antibody. Provided with the antibody sequences, we will produce the antibody for you. Meanwhile, we also offer affinity determination and other services.

mammalian cell line

Stable Cell Line Development

BIC provides a stable cell line development service (gene knock-in or knock-out). We can insert any gene of interest into the cells’ genome. Over years of experience in cell culture, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge of the optimal antibiotic concentrations to use for a variety of stable cells.

Mammalian Cell Protein Production

Transient transfection vs stable cell line

Comparison Transient transfection Stable cell line
Protein production Small and rapid production High yield and
reproducible production
Cell culture/L 2-4×106cell/ml 2-4×107cell/ml
Timeline 7-9 weeks 2-3 months
Cost Low High
Cell types CHO/HEK293 CHO

Comparison of expression systems

System Mammalian Insect Yeast Prokaryotic
Production Cost Expensive Expensive Inexpensive Inexpensive
Production Yield Low Medium Medium High
Protein Folding Correct Correct Need refolding Need refolding
N-glycosylation Complex modify Simple modify Simple modify No
O-glycosylation Yes Yes Yes No
Phosphorylation Yes Yes Yes No
Acetylation Yes Yes Yes No
γ-carboxylation Yes No No No

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