High-throughput Protein Production Service

The emerging field of functional proteomics is driving the need to develop high-throughput technology to express and isolate a large number of proteins quickly for comprehensive analyses. BIC (BiologicsCorp) offers an innovative high-throughput protein production service for bacterial protein expression system (typically several hundreds to thousands are involved), therefore to free up your time and speed up your projects.

Highlights of high-throughput protein production service

  • High throughput capability towards gene synthesis and expression
  • Proteins in a soluble form: always consider obtaining protein in supernatant as a priority
  • One-step protein purification by Magnetic Agarose Beads
  • Fast and cost-effective methods delivering multiple purified proteins

High-throughput protein production service description

Project process Decriptions Timeline Deliverables
High-throughput Protein Production Service Process Multiple gene synthesis & subcloing in parallel (optional)
  • Codon optimization
  • HTP gene synthesis
  • Subcloning into E.coli expression vectors
<2 weeks
  • Sequencing chromatograms covering your genes (electronic)
  • expression constructs
  • 10-100 μg purified recombinant proteins (in 96-deep well plates)
  • QC datas of proteins (SDS-PAGE or dot blot)
High-throughput protein expression
  • High-throughput protein expression in 96- or 24-deep-well block formats
  • Detect expression levels by SDS-PAGE or dot blot
<1 week
High-throughput protein purification
  • Automated purification process on Magnetic Agarose Beads
<1 week


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High-throughput technology

  • Affinity tags enable simultaneous purification of highly dissimilar proteins with the use of one standardized procedure, which is essential for high throughput technologies.
  • The development of plate-based purification strategies that allow the rapid capture of 24–96 different proteins and their subsequent purification by affinity resins has greatly expedited multi-parallel applications.
  • One-step and automated purification process on Magnetic Agarose Beads has also been another major contribution for high-throughput protein production. The highly specific and irreversible binding to the beads enables efficient protein capture regardless of the expression level and eliminates protein loss during wash steps, resulting in high protein recovery.
High-throughput technology
Fig 1. Micro-scale protein purification in 96-well format with Ni-NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads

Your concerns

1. What starting materials do I have to provide for high-throughput protein production service?

All we need to start with is the sequence information of your target proteins/genes. We can start with gene synthesis with codon optimized for protein expression, and deliver final purified proteins. But if you would like us to start with your plasmids/expression strains, you are welcome to send them to us.

2. Is there any limit for proteins expression in high-throughput technology?

Some proteins, complexes and cellular assemblies are not compatible with the current high-throughput pipelines. Successful high-throughput protein production generally requires target proteins between 10kDa to 150kDa, and signal peptide and multiple transmembrane domains should be removed for improved expression yield. If unavoidable, BIC prefers to have the information in advance.

3. I may want to order 35 proteins production in E.coli, could I choose your high-throughput protein production service?

BIC can carry out a batch of 20 to 2000 constructs. Please contact us for more information.

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