Recombinant Protein Expression Service

Recombinant protein technologies play a critical role in academic research and biotech/pharmaceutical drug discoveries. Among the cell-based recombinant protein expression systems, bacterial, mammalian, insect, and yeast cell systems have been widely used.
Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides our valuable clients with the rapid, high quality, and cost-effective protein expression and purification services. With over ten years of experience from gene synthesis to protein/antibody expression and production, BIC offers an array of flexible services to our valuable clients around the globe tailored to their specific needs. So far, we have successfully delivered 2200+ recombinant proteins (enzymes, cytokines, growth factors, hormones, receptors, transcription factors, antibodies, antibody fragments, etc.), which are widely used in antibody preparation, enzyme activity assay, in vivo efficacy evaluation, in vitro diagnosis, as well as vaccine screening and other applications.

Protein Expression Services

E.coli Expression

Guaranteed package

Mammalian Expression

Transient or stable expression

Yeast Expression

Large scale project

Insect Expression

Baculovirus Expression

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recombinant antibody production service

Custom Antibody

Starting from gene sequence, we can customize IgG, scFv Fab,Chimeric using HEK293 or CHO cell.

recombinant protein production service

Recombinant Protein

BIC offers recombinant proteins width the highest purity and activity, including cytokines, enzymes, and growth factors.

interaction Analysis service

Protein Interaction

BIC offers BLI, GST pull-down and CO-IP services. including protein, molecule, antigen, antibody and other interactions.

Why Work With Us?

As a biological CRO company, BIC has long devoted itself to the R&D of technologies related to recombinant protein and antibody. Our advanced protein expression optimization technology maximizes the yield and purity of the proteins to tailored to your needs. Our one-stop service covers every step from gene cloning to protein purification including downstream processing steps, such as protein desalting, lyophilization, vialing, and conjugation to tags, fluors, or other labels. We guarantee the delivery of proteins of desired quantity and purity. In addition to recombinant protein expression services, we provide other protein services, including endotoxin removal, tag-removal, fermentation and additional quality assurance services.


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