Stable Cell Line Construction for Protein & Antibody Production

The development of a stable cell line is time-consuming and complicated. Biologics International Corp (BIC) owns highly qualified experts and decades of experience in upstream bio-pharmaceutical development, providing you with stable cell line development services. We use our self-developed CHO cells and adopt GS/DHFR expression system. Transient transfection evaluation will be performed to ensure the selection of stable single clone. Our cell lines are widely used in functional studies of gene, gene editing, drug screening and recombinant protein production.


cell line construction

Service Content

Service Name Customer provides Deliverables Timeline Price
Stable Cell Line Development for Production Target sequence
  • Clone vector
  • Stable single clone
  • QC report
4-5 months Inquiry

Key Feature

  • We possess extensive experience in upstream bio-pharmaceutical research and development, with the experimental success rate >93%.
  • We will first carry out transient transfection evaluation to ensure the successful screening of single cell clone.
  • The GS or DHFR expression system is the most widely used expression system in industry.
  • We also provide an optimized protocol for cell culture and production for your further operation.
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