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Biologics International Corp (BIC) has extensive expertise and research experience for high quality production of cells expressing chimeric antibody, allowing you to receive chimeric antibodies designed and produced with specific requirements. Antibody variable region from mouse, rabbit, or other species,sequenced from your hybridoma cell line, could be combined with any constant domains of your choice. Feel free to get in touch for any further information regarding chimeric antibodies.

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Chimeric antibodis are antibodies made by fusing variable domains from one species, such as a mouse, with constant domains from another species, such as a human being. Chimeric antibodies retain the foreign antibody’s antigen specificity and affinity, and are significant tools for therapeutic and diagnostic applications or studies.

Chimeric Antibodies for Therapeutic Applications

Chimeric antibodies are generally around two-thirds human, thus reducing the risk of a reaction to foreign antibodies from a nonhuman animal. As many therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are originally generated in mouse, chimerization is a preliminary step before antibody humanization in order to associate biological function to parental antibody and to reduce the immunogenicity of mAbs. In fact, chimeric antibodies have been used for therapeutic purposes in patients with particular diseases (for example, immunocompromised patients).

The combination of rodent variable domains with human constant domains is the most widespread, but not limited. Researchers could adapt the mAbs of interest to any platform of their choice. For example, mAbs may be generated in a mouse, with the disease animal model used being a rabbit. With rabbit constant regions, the chimeric antibodies will result in decreased immunogenicity.

Chimeric Antibodies for Diagnostic Applications

In diagnostic applications, immunoassays are widely used in the study of biological systems by tracking different proteins, hormones, and antibodies. For example, serological immunoassays are designed to detect a specific antibody in patient samples. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the serological assays depends on serum calibrators and positive controls, which are derived from seropositive serum or plasma and are heterogeneous by nature. Chimeric antibodies are the best alternative to serum calibrators and positive controls in these immunoassays as they can be produced in unlimited quantities and homogeneous.

If you are interested in chimeric antibody services, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you.

And More

Chimeric antibodies are more useful than humanized antibodies as they have valuable characteristics and are inexpensive at the early stages of research or under certain conditions. You may require other services, such as antibody sequencing, sdAb/VHH, and Fc fusion proteins.

Service Content

Custom Provides Recombinant Antibody Expression Service Deliverables Timeline
Antibody sequences
  • Gene synthesis
  • Vector construction
  • Transient expression & purification
  • Cell line production (optional)
  • 4 ug gene in cloning vector
  • >90% purity antibody
  • Quantity as per customer requirements (0.1 mg to 10 g)
  • QC report
7-9 weeks

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  • Extensive experience
  • High expression levels
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