Polyclonal Antibodies

Antibodies are immunoglobulins which are secreted by plasma cells and they look like a majuscule Y. Antibodies are principally used to identify and counteract foreign objects such as viruses, bacteria and proteins.

Polyclonal antibodies are produced by different B cells within the organism. They are a collection of immunoglobulins and each can recognize particular eptitope. Polyclonal antibodies are widely applied to experiments such as western blotting, immunohitochemistry, immunofluorescence, etc.

BiologicsCorp offers a wide range of polyclonal antibodies against phospho-specific proteins, methylated or acetylated proteins, CD antigens, tagged proteins and loading controls.

phospho-specific polyclonal antibodies

Phospho-specific Antibodies

Phospho-specific antibodies are used not only to detect phosphorylated proteins or peptides, but also to measure changes in their level and specificity of modification by processes of phosphorylation.

methylated and acetylated polyclonal antibodies

Methylated/acetylated Antibodies

Methylation and acetylation is very important for protein modification. Histone acetylation is currently thought of as a serious regulatory mechanism of transcription. BiologicsCorp mainly offers polyclonal antibodies against methylated/acetylated histones.

cd marker polyclonal antibodies

CD Marker Antibodies

CD molecules have lots of functions, such as cell signaling and cell adhesion. Furthermore, CD molecules are commonly used as cell markers in immunophenotyping. BiologicsCorp offers the CD marker antibodies to recognize them.

tag polyclonal antibodies

Tag Antibodies

There are many kinds of protein tags, like affinity tags, solubilization tags, fluorescence tags, chromatography tags and eptitope tabs. BiologicsCorp(BIC) manufactures some polyclonal antibodies which can recognize and bind to those tags with high affinity.

loading controls polyclonal antibodies

Loading Controls Antibodies

The expression level of loading controls in different tissues and cells are relatively constant. They act as the reference for measuring the expression level of protein in western blotting. We provide several polyclonal antibodies to identify particular loading controls.