Antibody Pairing Service

Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides an antibody pairing service. Paired antibodies can bind to the same antigen at the same time and are commonly used in double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The number of immunized mice is at least 10 (basic service), and the pairing success rate is high. BIC offers complete upstream and downstream support services including antigen synthesis, preparation of monoclonal antibody, antibody pairing, and mass production of antibodies. You only need to provide antigen or antigen sequences, and BIC will deliver the paired antibodies.

Service Highlights

  • The number of immunized mice is 10 (standard service) or more (extra charge) according to the request of customers .
  • BIC provides guaranteed western blotting (WB) service: positive WB results with the customer’s materials.
  • BIC provides comprehensive services including antigen production, antibody preparation, antibody pairing, and antibody mass production.
  • Service Contents

    Service Deliverables Turnaround Price
    Preparation of monoclonal antibody
  • 100 μL immune serum , ELISA > 1: 10000
  • 2-5 positive clones
  • 3~5 mg purified mAb from one chosen hybridoma, ELISA > 1: 128, 000
  • 4~6 months Inquiry
    Antibody pairing
  • OD value ≥ positive control
  • The number of matched antibody pairs ≥ 1
  • ~2 weeks


    Antigens provided by customers should have a purity exceeding 85%. Customers need to pay an extra charge for antigen preparation when only antigen sequences are provided.

    Antibody pairing

    Downstream Applications

    Paired antibodies are mainly used for sandwich ELISA.

    Antibody pairing

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