scFv Antibody Production Service

scFv is composed of the VH and VL domains from the antibody and is connected by a linker peptide. The molecular weight is approximately one-sixth of the intact antibody. scFv antibody lacks the Fc portion, resulting in a lower immunogenicity, which makes the antibody to easily pass through the blood vessel walls and enter into the target tissues. Due to its characteristics, scFv is unable to combine with the Fc receptor of target cells and hence exhibits a strong specificity for antigen combining.

What We Offer

Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides single chain variable antibody production services, as well as di-scFv and sdAb. All we need is the antibody sequence. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our project managers will get back to you with details.

scFv Antibody expressionscFv
sdAb AntibodysdAb
scFv productiondi-scFv

Service Contents

Service Name Deliverables Timeline Price
di-scFv/sdAb/scFv production
  • >1 mg, purity≥90% antibody
  • Cloning vector
  • QC data and report
7-9 weeks Please inquiry

* According to your requirements, we provide different amounts of recombinant antibody with a volume discount

scFv Production Process

Gene synthesis


DNA max-prep
  • DNA max-prep
  • Transfection


Antibody expression
  • Small scale expression
  • Pilot-scale expression
  • Antibody purification
  • QA/QC

scFv Antibody Characterizations

Type Composition Valency M.W. (kDa) Serum half-life (h) Clearance routine
scFv VH+Vl mono- 30 2-4 renal
sdAb VH/ VL mono- 15 0.5 renal
di-scFv scFv x2 bi- 60 4-8 renal

*Amanda Freise, Anna Wu. (2015), 'In vivo imaging with antibodies and engineered fragments', Molecular Immunology, 67 (2A), 142-152.

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