GST Pull Down Service

Typically, GST pull down is used to find an unknown protein interacting with a bait protein and confirm suspected interaction between two known proteins.
Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides GST pull down service. We will use bacterial or mammalian expression system to obtain the bait and target proteins. You only need to provide the sequence of proteins or prepared proteins, we will analyze the interactions between them or seek out the target unknown protein. And also we can help you express the target protein.


Intermolecular Interaction

To demonstrate the possible interaction between the two known proteins

GST fusion protein and target protein can be obtained by bacterial or mammalian expression system. If the two proteins have interactions, they will be combined to the GSH chromatography medium together and the detected results will be in conformity with known information.

Unknown protein

To discover the unknown target protein that interacts with the bait protein

GST-tag protein can capture unknown target proteins when the target protein solution flows through GSH chromatography medium.

Service Content

Service Name Customer Provides Deliverables Timeline Price
GST pull down Bait and target proteins COA, experimental process report ~3 weeks Please inquire
Bait or target protein preparation Gene sequence Cloning vector, QC report, 3-5 mg purified protein (purity>90%) 4~6 weeks Please inquire

GST Pull Down Process


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