Isotope Labeling

Stable isotope labeling is widely used in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) because a stable isotope helps increase the sensitivity and resolution of NMR and helps improve the detection limit of NMR. 15N is a commonly used stable isotope. Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides 15N-labeled recombinant proteins based on an Escherichia coli expression system. Thus far, we have provided more than 100 isotope-labeled proteins with isotope enrichment c.a. 98%.

Why BIC?

  • Rigorous attitude and rich experience: A rapid and efficient approach for preparing 15N-labeled recombinant proteins is used by BIC. We will optimize expression conditions in minimal medium through small-scale expression and a purification test prior to isotope labeling. Then, the production method generates cell mass using unlabeled rich media followed by exchange into labeled M9 minimal medium at a high cell density. Following the period of growth recovery and unlabeled metabolite clearance, cells are induced.
  • High efficiency and high isotope enrichment: Our rapid and efficient approach for preparing 15N-labeled recombinant proteins is improved by our R&D team; this approach can increase the E. coli growth rate and protein yield, ensuring a higher 15N labeling efficiency. Simultaneously, we have an effective and mature protein expression platform, and we will customize the expression protocols according to your downstream applications.


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The use of a stable isotope is helpful to enhance the sensitivity and resolution of NMR, and it can also improve the detection limit of NMR. Most biomolecular NMR techniques require stable isotopic labeling (15N) of recombinant proteins. Stable isotope-labeled proteins are generally required for optimizing NMR solution conditions, NMR assignments, structure determination, biological screening applications, and high-throughput structural genomic studies.

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