Protein Antigen Expression Service

Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides antigen expression service. We customize antigens according to requirement of customers, such as tumor antigens or viral antigens. The protein antigen preparation services we provide include antigen gene optimization, mammalian expression of antigen protein, bacterial expression of antigen protein, and antigen protein affinity purification. Protein expression optimization techniques are utilized by our company to produce the antigen proteins.

Service Platforms

Prokaryotic expression
Bacterial Expression Platform

BIC uses the Escherichia coli system to express antigen proteins with less modification. Our prokaryotic expression platform is capable of rapidly and massively producing recombinant proteins to meet clients’ needs. We guarantee our prokaryotic expressed protein antigen service. If no protein antigen is obtained, all costs will be covered by our company.

Mammalian cell expression
Mammalian Expression Platform

BIC produces antigen proteins in CHO and HEK293 cells. Mammalian cells are employed to express antigen proteins with complex structures and modifications.



Research of Antibody-based Drugs


Vaccine Research

Intermolecular Interaction

Study on Intermolecular Interaction

Characteristics of Recombinant Protein Antigen

Disadvantages of a Polypeptide Antigen

The molecular weight of a polypeptide is relatively small and is usually not sufficient to induce an immune response. Therefore, it is necessary to conjugate the polypeptide with carrier proteins (KLH, BSA, OVA, etc.) to stimulate T and B cells to induce an immune response. Although conjugating a polypeptide antigen with a carrier protein enhances its immunogenicity, antibody specificity decreases greatly because of the multiple epitopes in the carrier protein.

Advantages of a Polypeptide Antigen

Polypeptides are polymerized by chemical activation of amino acids. Synthesis of a polypeptide antigen is more controllable and can be modified at specific sites compared with preparing a recombinant protein antigen. Therefore, a synthetic polypeptide antigen is more advantageous when preparing a specific antibody, such as a phospho-specific antibody.

Advantages of a Recombinant Protein Antigen

A recombinant protein antigen has an advanced protein structure and is closer to that of the native protein antigen when compared with the polypeptide antigen. Antibodies prepared with a recombinant protein antigen have better specificity, higher titers, and excellent stability.

Polypeptide Antigen VS. Protein Antigen

Characteristics Polypeptide antigen Bacterial Mammalian
Protein folding No Yes Yes
Immunogenicity Weak Strong Strong
Carrier protein With need With no need With no need
Scale production Easy Relatively easy Difficult
Modification of specific sites Yes No No
Prepared antibody titer 1:64,000 1:128,000

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