Affinity Purification

It is a powerful method for separating the desired protein from others is to use a biospecific method in which the particular biological property of the protein is exploited. The affinity approach is limited to proteins that have a specific binding property, except that proteins are theoretically able to be purified by immunoaffinity chromatography, which is the most specific of all affinity techniques. Most proteins of interest do have a specific ligand: enzymes have substrates and cofactors, and hormone-binding proteins and receptor molecules are designed to bind specifically and tightly to particular hormones and other factors. Immobilization of the ligand to which the protein binds (or of antibody to the protein) enables selective adsorption of the desired protein in the technique known as affinity chromatography. There are also nonchromatographic modes of exploiting biospecific interactions.


Source from: protein purification company