Baculovirus Expression System

The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) has proven to be an indispensable gene expression system. Compared with bacterial E.coli expression system, it can improve the solubility of target proteins, incorporate some posttranslational modifications and increase the yield of secreted proteins. Multiple foreign genes can be expressed simultaneously in BEVS. In addition, baculoviruses are safe to work with, because they have a restricted host range and are noninfectious to vertebrates. The BEVS is widely applied to viral vaccine development, production of signal proteins, etc.

BiologicsCorp offers baculovirus insect protein expression service covering:

  • Gene expression optimization
  • Protein expression and purification
    • Subclone gene of interest into baculovirus transfer vector
    • Prepare recombinant bacmid DNA
    • Transfect insect cells, generate P1 and P2 baculovirus stock
    • Baculovirus titration
    • Expression evaluation and optimization
    • Pilot scale protein expression and purification(500 ml culture)
    • Large scale protein expression and purification
  • Virus generation
    • Subclone, prepare recombinant bacmid DNA
    • Generation of high titer, expression-validated P1 Baculovirus stock in one week
    • Scale up virus (1-2L) of high titer, expression validated P2 stock in one week
    • Variables examined: cell line (Sf9, Sf21, Hi5 & Mimic sf9), MOIs, and time course
    • Small scale expression optimization study conducted in less than 1 week
    • 10ml to 300L
    • 1.5 weeks for expressions up to 100L
    • 2.5 weeks for expressions from 100L to 300L

BiologicsCorp also offers other recombinant protein expression platforms including bacterium expression system and mammalian cell expression system.

Packages of baculorvirus insect cell protein expression service

Description Deliverables Price Time
Cat.: PS1206       1mg tagged protein
Bacmid preparation
Virus generation
Expression optimization
Expression verification
Protein Purification
Soluble protein with Tag
QC by SDS-PAGE, Western blot, QC data
>1mg Purity>80% 7 weeks
Purity>90% 8 weeks
Cat.: PS1219        Premium Service
Customized service for specific requirements
Virus generation, Expression and Purification
Tag-free, Endotoxin removal,  (optional)
QC by SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, MOLDI-TOF or MS
Customized Protein
QC data
Protocol in details
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