Recombinant Protein Expression Services

Biologics International Corp (BIC) provides high-quality and cost-effective recombinant protein expression services in a timely manner. Our comprehensive gene-to-protein/antibody platform combines over ten years of experience in gene synthesis, protein expression, process optimization, antibody production, and flexible solutions to provide researchers around the globe with high activity proteins tailored to their specific needs.
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Large Scale Production Service

Deliver 23~130 g/L of cell wet weight or 20~400 mg/L of customer specified protein. Read More

Protein Interaction Assay

ForteBio biomolecular interaction analysis, wide range of biomolecular interactions. Read More

Custom Antibody Service

One-stop service from gene to antibody, ELISA titer up to 1:512,000, positive WB Guaranteed. Read More

Selection guide of recombinant protein expression systems

Characteristics E. coli Yeast Insect cells Mammalian cells
Turnaround Time 4~6 weeks 6~7 weeks 7~8 weeks 7~9 weeks
Price Low Low High High
Expression level High Low - high Low - high Low - moderate
Secretion to periplasm Secretion to medium Secretion to medium Secretion to medium
Poor Moderate Moderate Comprehensive
  • Rapid expression
  • Low cost
  • Scaleable
  • Well-characterized genetics
  • Moderately rapid expression
  • Efficient protein folding
  • Relatively low cost
  • Scaleable
  • Good expression levels for intracellular proteins
  • Relatively rapid growth
  • Efficient protein folding
  • Efficient protein folding
  • Comprehensive post-translational modifications
  • Poor folding
  • Inclusion body formation
  • Minimal post-translational modifications
  • Different glycosylation
  • Tendancy to form hyperglycosylated proteins
  • N-glycan structures considered allergenic
  • Expensive culture media
  • Large volumes of virus needed on scale-up
  • Different Glycosylation and N-linked glycan structures
  • Expensive culture media
  • Difficult to scale-up

Technology Platforms of Recombinant Protein Service

custom protein expression with codon optimization

Codon and mRNA structure optimization

Our in-house bioinformatics tool translates the same amino acid to multiple triplet codons, This enhances recombinant protein expression by plotting and adjusting the codon usage frequency and by opening up stem-loops in the process of transcription and translation. Read More

protein refolding

Multiple purification methods

We provide nickel affinity purification. Ion exchange purification, size-exclusion chromatography, and hydrophobic chromatography are also available. You can also provide customized protocols to optimize your project. Read More

Protein identification

Multi-channel protein refolding

We possess state-of-the-art protein refolding technologies for recombinant protein production such as dialysis, dilution, and on-column refolding. By using multi-well plates to explore refolding conditions, our team can determine the optimal solution for stable and uniformly refolded proteins with good solubility. Read More

protein purification, protein purification service

Protein identification and characterization

A multitude of techniques such as MALDI-TOF MS, HPLC and N-terminal sequencing are used for protein identification and characterization. We are committed to manufacture and develop high-quality protein products by combining rigorous process development with the most advanced protein identification techniques. Read More

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