Guaranteed E.coli Protein Expression Service

BiologicsCorp offers risk free E.coli protein expression services for your research needs. With as little information as your gene name or protein sequences, our guaranteed service can deliver your protein of interest in the specified quantity and purity. To ensure a smooth and successful completion of your project, a dedicated PhD level technical support staff will be assigned to your project from initial inquiry to post-delivery. Our scientists will work closely with you to keep you apprised of project progress while taking all your goals into account. Bulk order discounts are also available.

Guaranteed E.coli Protein Expression Features

Guaranteed quantity and purity: Get your desired quantity and purity or your money back.
Flexible solutions: Multiple approaches for assured success. How

BiologicsCorp offers time-tested flexible solutions for protein expression in E. coli. From codon optimization to small scale testing and scale up through protein purification and characterization, our professional teams use their extensive experience in protein expression to ensure the successful completion of every project. Thus far, our scientists have successfully delivered over a thousand recombinant proteins with a success rate above 95%.

Guaranteed soluble protein: You only get billed if solubility is achieved. How

We offer a soluble protein guarantee. Our proteins remain soluble even after repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Maximum activity:We prioritize supernatant proteins. Why

Proteins secreted into the supernatant can maintain their native structure and function. We have established a comprehensive optimization platform for supernatant protein expression. In order to obtain proteins with the maximum activity, we prioritize supernatant proteins.

Table1. pricing and deliverables of E.coli Expression services
Project process Timeline Deliverables
Codon optimization 2-3 weeks
  • Cloning vector
  • Purified protein with guaranteed quantity and purity
  • QC data and final report
Gene synthesis and vector construction
Transformation 3-4 weeks
Expression optimization
Affinity/multiple-step purification
Additional E. coli protein expression services:

SupernanteINTM soluble expression, fermentation, tag-free, endotoxin removal, high-throughput protein production.

bacterial protein expression service process

Step 1: Gene synthesis

Our in-house bioinformatics tool translates the same amino acid to multiple triplet codons. This enhances recombinant protein expression by plotting and adjusting the codon usage frequency and by opening up stem-loops in the process of transcription and translation, and subsequently increases E.coli protein production yield by extending mRNA stability.

Codon optimization
codon optimization case study
mRNA structure optimization
mrna structure optimization case study
Fig. 1: Codon and mRNA structure optimization in the process of gene synthesis

Step 2: Protein expression

Using our state-of-the-art technologies, we have established rapid E. coli protein production platforms which ensure high yield delivery of the desired protein while offering our clients a lot of flexibility.

e. coli protein expression - case study
Fig. 2: SDS-PAGE analysis of target protein V1 expression

Lane M: Protein marker
Lane 0: Cell lysate without induction
Lane 1: Cell lysate with IPTG induction at 15°C, overnight
Lane 2: Cell lysate with IPTG induction at 37°C, 4h

Step 3: Protein purification

Our optimized purification methods minimize contaminants and cut down the number of steps to obtain the maximum amount of functional protein.

e. coli protein expression - case study
Fig. 3: SDS-analysis of target protein V1 in whole cell lysis by affinity chromatography

Lane M: Protein Marker
Lane 1: Supernatant after centrifugation
Lane 2: Flow through
Lane 3-12: 50 mM imidazole eluted fractions
Lane 13-22: 100 nM imidazole eluted fractions
Lane 23-26: 300 nM imidazole eluted fractions

protein company

Your concerns

  1. I haven’t had much success performing E. coli protein production. Could you please give me your professional advice?
    The following elements should be taken into consideration:

    • Your gene of interest is not compatible with E. coli protein expression systems. Differences in codons, mRNA structures, and transmembrane domains might be hindering expression.
    • E. coli protein expression conditions such as temperature, hosts, vectors, and chaperones have not been optimized.
    • Your protein of interest may form inclusion bodies in the process of E. coli protein production. Refolding in moderate conditions favors proper folding and maximizes protein activity.

    BiologicsCorp offers mature flexible solutions to solve problems in E. coli protein expression. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with your project.

  2. What do I need to provide for your E. coli protein expression services?
    All you need to do is tell us your target gene or protein sequences. Also attach your previous experience or references if possible. Our professional Ph.D level teams will analyze the protein properties and design a strategy for you. Your project will be initiated after the approval of the strategy by both parties.

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