About - Sequence Manipulation Suite:

The Sequence Manipulation Suite is written in JavaScript 1.5, which is a lightweight, cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language. JavaScript is now standardized by the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association). The first version of the ECMA standard is documented in the ECMA-262 specification. The ECMA-262 standard is also approved by the ISO (International Organization for Standards) as ISO-16262. JavaScript 1.5 is fully compatible with ECMA-262, Edition 3.

Sequences submitted to the Sequence Manipulation Suite do not leave your computer and are instead manipulated by your web browser, which executes the JavaScript. The Sequence Manipulation Suite was written by Paul Stothard (University of Alberta, Canada). Send questions and comments to stothard@ualberta.ca.

Here are short descriptions of the programs that comprise the Sequence Manipulation Suite:

Format Conversion: Sequence Analysis: Sequence Figures: Random Sequences:
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